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March 07 2017

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i’m honoured sir


i thought this would be a spam bot but i think i’m actually having a conversation with a confused man


this is the most innocent post on this site

February 27 2017




Could really go for a bowl of soba rn.

February 20 2017


for anyone who wants to see my design inspiration for Among the Hollow, I’ve created a board on pintrest for exactly this purpose

February 13 2017


mom: come down and eat
me: i’m not hungry
mom: i got take out

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Oh my goshhhh!!!! (SCREAMS!!!!) Scare Pewdiepie Featuring @therealjacksepticeye!! I can’t wait for this see this battle with Pewdiepie and Jacksepticeye!!! I am ready for this team Jacksepticeye!!!

Who’s can support Pewdiepie or Jacksepticeye? Find out!!!!

Please Check it out

On March 9 2017!!!

I see people posting the poster everywhere and still don’t know where they got it lol

Anyway HELL YEAH!!! Finally people will be able to see it soon

January 05 2017

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American Horror Story: Sims

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Life With Cats.

Adorable little assholes

This puts absolutely nothing into perspective, but that’s not a Bad Thing.

December 26 2016

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Humans aren’t real, alien is real

Sweatshirt  - Hoodie

Sweatshirt  - Sweatshirt

Sweatshirt  - Sweatshirt

Tee  - Tee

Tee  - Tee

I don’t believe in humans, I believe in alien    

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This taxidermy was found inside a late 19th-century French mansion which has been sealed up for more than 100 years. Via National Geographic.

Good to know people were just as fucking weird before the internet.

ancient frog memes

et tu, dat boi?

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some sketches from my instagram

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This is what Italians do in Pisa.
Based on this.

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k-syri said: Dlaczego Leo ma pieroga? A jeszcze lepsze pytanie: jak wyglądałby Ezio w takim pierogu?

Leo to cudowny pierożek

k-syri said: Why Leo has pieróg (dumpling) [at his head]? And even better question: how Ezio would look like in this pieróg?

Leo is a wonderful pierożek

December 02 2016


my mom might’ve raised an emotionally vacant child with severe depression and anxiety but she didn’t raise a quitter

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ya but imagine chara getting used to flowers or shit growing on their body it’s prolly just like a normal thing to them now

November 27 2016

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Alternative book covers

inspired by x





You’re in charge of assigning every child on Earth the monster under their bed. One child in particular has caused every monster assigned to him/her to quit. You decide to assign yourself.

Case: #273402
Status: Disastrous.

I stare at the file and realize I have no options, over the last 2 years every monster assigned to Charlotte Dower has quit, every last one. Her first monster; a giant goldfish-faced humanoid named Bubba, had been with her for four years, and then she wasn’t scared of him anymore. After that it was a string of different common, uncommon, and rare monsters… I even assigned a sentient sock monster to her. He came back crying!
I look on my tablet, only one assignable monster left; myself. Field work has never been my cup of tea, but desperate times call for desperate measures. So at 8:03 pm, after Mrs. Gideon tucks in Charlotte and her little brother Daniel; I slither into the space beneath Charlotte’s bed.
Across the room underneath Daniel’s crib is a rookie, Chico, a standard Creep kind of monster.
I turn my attention to the bed above me, Charlotte is still awake but barely, I reach up over the bed and run an ice cold finger over her cheek, silence, so I do it again.
“I’m not afraid of you monster!” She whispers, but her voice is shaking. I can see a small clock on the wall 8:14, a door somewhere in the house slams and there is an audible hitch of breath from above me. A few minutes go by I can hear Francis Gideon yelling at his wife. There are heavy footsteps on the stairs, and loud panting breaths, Charlotte scrambles off the bed and…
She. CRAWLS. Under. The. Bed. With. Me.
“Move. Over!” Charlotte hisses at me. I do.
The door to the bedroom slams open and I smell the stench of human intoxicants before the man even steps inside.
I know why Charlotte isn’t afraid of any of my monsters; she’s afraid of her own.
Francis reaches a hand under the bed and I thrust my wrist into it, he starts to pull, I slither out.
“What the…” I cut Francis’s next words off by unfolding to my full 12 foot height. Looming over the drunken man I caress my cold fingers down his face.
“If you ever touch, scare, or harm my child again, I will find you, and I will do the same to you, for all eternity.” I promise to him.
As Francis runs from the room he soils himself.
I pull Charlotte from under the bed, tuck her back under her covers and kiss her forehead goodnight. “I’ll be back tomorrow night, sleep well darling.”
Charlotte Dower is my child, I am the monster under her bed.


Holy shit I’m gonna cry that’s beautiful.

November 10 2016

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William is a cute, shy cinnamon roll, ya? Sure he is. But he is still a demon, means he cannot defy his own nature. And just imagine him being tired of Bill’s shit already so he wants revenge. I can see him being a little piece of shit, who uses the one whos the most important meatsack for Bill - Dipper. And since Dip knows what a giant jerk Bill can be, he always protects and comforts Will. And well, revenge, sweet revenge. 

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You all could have stopped me…

But you just watched

October 28 2016

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even if you don’t believe what they say, saying thanks lets them know you appreciate it anyway

I know I often try to refuse compliments but I am always appreciative of them :)

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